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Black Dragon Canyon Rim

On Sunday, we went for a hike on the San Rafael Reef to find a geocache that hadn’t been found since 08. The hike starts at the mouth of Black Dragon Canyon. The hike starts out immediately climbing up the reef. There isn’t a specific trail just pick your own path.

Our first stop was right above the indian writtings. This was a nice view from on top.

Afterwards we dropped into a small canyon that had a nice alcove with a small pool of water. Rocky isn’t a big fan of water but I made him cool down in the water for a second.

Then it was on to the top, where we found the geocache and took in the great view. We could see Mexican Mountain, Lower Black Box, and Window Blind Peak. It could have been better if it hadn’t been hazy.

Throughout the hike Rocky had been chasing lizards and near the end of our hike Rocky passed by a rock and a rattlesnake started rattling. I immediately yelled at him and grabbed him checking for a bite. Luckily he wasn’t bit. It sure did make me nervous afterwards and I kept a close eye on him for the rest of the hike. That has been only my second rattlesnake encounter.

This is definitely a cool weather hike. It was a little hot Sunday. It was in the lower 90’s but it was worth it.

Photo Gallery
GPS Tracklog (Google Earth .KMZ Format)


New Truck

Back in the first of February, I young teenage girl pulled out in front of me going down the highway. I smashed into the side of her truck she was driving which messed up my front end. My truck was totaled all I could save off of it was the camper shell and the nerf bars. I didn’t have a camera with me when this happened so no pictures. 😦

I was able to sell my shell and nerf bars to another black Dakota. As well as get some insurance money for my wrecked truck. So I had money to buy another truck. I knew what I wanted so I waited for a good deal to come up. It was mid March before I was able to get what I wanted. A 2005 Toyota Tacoma V6 with the off road package. The guy I bought it from had put new tires on it at the first of the year but needed a more family sized vehicle since he was going to have twins.



I noticed the front skid plate was missing and the temp pod didn’t work. Other than that everything seemed to work great.



I was going to change all the fluids Saturday but the weather didn’t cooperate so instead I fixed the temp pod. The solder had broken on one of the capacitors and just needed to be re-soldered.


On Sunday I changed the engine oil, the diffs oil, the transfer oil, and the ATF. Afterwards I started building a skid plate. I was able to mock up one out of cardboard and copy it over onto an old aluminium road sign.



I have many places i want to go in this truck and I can’t wait to get out and start wheeling.


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Unnamed Canyon in Buckhorn Wash

I have noticed an old road going into a small side canyon in Buckhorn Wash. While driving down to the bridge, I decided to check it out. While heading up, I jumped a herd of deer. There were 11 in all.

Following the Old Road

I was only going to walk a short distance but I had to check what was behind the next corner. After a short ways, I spotted an arch because I could see light going through it.

Arch Closer

After a mile, I was getting thirsty so I turned around.

Down Canyon

Along the way down, there was a metal pipe sticking out of the ground. I didn’t notice it before because I was looking up at the cliffs.

Metal Pipe

I spotted an old jar and tried to take some creative pictures.

Old Trash

A quarter mile away from the car, I jumped the deer again and got some pictures. I zoomed in but my camera was focusing on closer trees, so all I got were some blurry pictures.

Some Blurry Deer

I will definitely come back and check this canyon out again, hopefully when there is no mud or snow.


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Great American West

I just finished watching an interesting show. The Great American West, it is a 40 min. documentary. It doesn’t go into a lot of detail but the landscape shots are amazing. I thought it was neat watching them move the wagon down a cliff, for some reason, I never thought that was how they did it but makes sense. The video is on, it has a nice video player and limited commercials.

Here is a link to the video

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Down With the Sickness

This week I have been down and out because I have pink eye. It all started Tuesday, one eye was running constantly. When I woke up Wednesday the one was swollen and the other was red as well. I went to the clinic and got some eye drops. It has worked alright, the eyes no longer hurt but are still red. I have been using up a couple of sick days. I will try going in tomorrow and finish some small projects.

I have downloaded Google Chrome and am trying it out. It feels like my Firefox takes forever to load up. I am still on the fence about Chrome.

But onto the good news, with all this free time I have beaten Half-Life 2 and Portal, w00t. HL2 was an awesome game, it ended strange but so did the first Half-Life. Now I have started playing Episode 1, it starts were HL2 left off. Portal rocks, the final level took me some time to figure out where all the debris was. The new Xbox interface was released and it is definitely different but I like it a lot better than the old version. I have created an avatar but he looks pretty goofy.

Later alligator.


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There’s Your Problem

After geocaching Saturday my brakes where making a grinding noise. So I took off the front tires and looked at the pads. All I could see were the outside pads and they looked fine and I left them alone. I decided to recheck them again today. I tore off the caliper and on the passenger tire the brake pad was worn all the way down into the metal.

So I went to the local auto shop and purchased some pads. I gave them all my info and recieved the pads. After getting them home, they were the wrong kind, so back I go. I guess my Sidekick has some different pads then others.

I hope I don’t need to replace the rotor, it doesn’t have deep grooves so maybe my pads while grind it down smooth. I will be checking them in a week or so. I hate working on cars because my hands get all beat up.


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Thank You

Today Brian Lee just bought me a 1 year pro flickr account. This is very nice. Now I need to do something really kind for someone else. Like in that old movie “Pay It Forward”.

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