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Archery Deer Hunt 2015

Back in August I went on an archery deer hunt. I headed out on the 15 and camped for 5 days. Dad bought a new camp trailer that he let me use for the hunt. The first day I ran across a big two point deer with some smaller bucks but they busted me quickly and ran off. Then a storm blew in and rained pretty heavy for the rest of the night. The next day I came across two large four point bucks but there were already some other hunters stalking them but they got busted and I never did come across those two again. While riding back to camp I started to round the corner and in the apex of the turn there was an old arrowhead. Dad went home so the rest of the week I was alone. During the rest of the week I kept driving by a small two point buck but passed on him in hopes of getting a look at the other large bucks. But finally on the day I was going to head home I saw the smaller deer and shot him. It was a 40 yd shoot that double lunged him with a clean pass through. I was happy.

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Tag Soup

This year the Fish and Game decided to change the deer hunting units. Before there were 5 large units and now there are 28 smaller units, which I think is a good idea. Anyway I applied my home unit as my first choice and 4 others. I didn’t draw my first choice but I did draw my fourth choise, which was the Nebo unit. After my first scouting trip, I knew it was going to be tough hunting. The first week, I saw several does and one spike buck. I let him walk figuring I wanted to shot a fork horn or better. After checking out Mt. Nebo, I decided to head South to the San Pitch Mountains. Awesome country, looked great for deer. Spotted 1 two point but he bolted into the thick brush and I couldn’t get anywhere close to him. Saw very few deer over here and talked with some locals that said the same. It was cool exploring the new area, had lots of fun. Camped 11 nights and while on the San Pitch Mountains there were coyotes howling all around camp every night. Drove the four wheeler on a lot of the roads, hiked several canyons but no luck shooting a deer. There is still a chance for me to take a deer on the extended units in December. Check out my photos on Picasa.


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I have been practicing a lot this year for the deer hunt. I have a small range in my backyard and I have been out to the shooting range.

The archery deer hunt started on August 21. On opening morning I had a nice 3 point in view. I was up in some timbers and here he came walking by. I hid behind a tree and when he came by, I had a 35 yd shot. I let my arrow fly and I missed. The arrow went under him. I was shaking pretty good so I will chalk that up to buck fever. The buck bolted and was gone, so I drove along Miller’s Flat Rd.

After turning around and headed back home a noticed a couple of large birds. I stopped and they look like Sandhill Cranes.

That evening I spotted a small spike off the road a ways. I stopped got out but he busted me and took off. This happened to me several times during the hunt. One morning I spotted a moose along side the road.

While out I spotted just one herd of elk and a couple of fox sightings.

One morning while following a buck, I came across a large pond. I didn’t even known it was there. I checked out this area, looks like a good place for elk.

Finally on Saturday, the last weekend of the hunt, we headed up Gentry Mountain. We drove over to an old shed. We spotted some deer on the hillside behind it but no bucks.

I turned around to head to another area when I spotted two does and a buck behind them in some trees. I got out and waited while the buck came closer. He got within 65 yards and I knew if I didn’t shoot now he would bolt. I raised up trying to take my time and stay calm. I released the arrow, heard it hit and watched as he ran about 50 yards and fall down. I walked over and found my arrow in the dirt while giving the deer time to die. I walked over got a few pictures.

It was a long hunt but I enjoyed my time in the mountains. I hope to do it again next year, maybe get a bigger buck.

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East Mountain Road

My little brother has a muzzleloader deer permit, so we went up on East Mountain to look for deer. We didn’t see any deer while riding but this was the first time up there. It was a a nice place to ride around. We took the atvs but the road was in fair shape.

The trees were all a blaze with fall colors. Looking up Cottonwood Canyon Road.

Cottonwood Canyon in Fall Colors

The first overlook we stopped at was looking across Straight Canyon toward Horn Mountain.

Looking Towards Horn Mountain

Fall Colors

We then road around and stopped at a small pond we thought was Snow Lake but it wasn’t.

Small Pond

We turned around and followed another road that lead to a radio tower and from there we could look down into Huntington Canyon and the 20 foot to the other side we could see down towards Orangville and Castle Dale.

Huntington Power Plant

Wiberg Coal Mine


After we were done and got the atvs loaded up and gave my brother a nice slap on the back.

A Little Dusty

… While out hunting tonight he shot a little two point buck, his first deer.

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Pronghorn Hunt

We left Friday after work to go and spend the weekend at the base of the Boulder Mountains. We arrived at 7 and set up camp. Soon the stars were out and we were cooking dinner by the light of the campfire. It was a bit chilly during the night, I think I slept for maybe 2 hours. We were up at 6:30 and on our way to find the antelope. Just as the sun began to rise, we spotted a small herd with a nice looking buck. My little brother jumped out and shot him. He didn’t go down and he had to take another shot which knocked him down. After a few pictures and bloody hands, he was hanging in the tree at camp before 9.

One tag down and 2 more to fill. We left camp and after riding around we saw a lone buck. My dad took a shot and was high. The buck ran and we followed and tried a sneak. We didn’t close enough before he spotted us and ran off. Back to the truck and onto a rough road. Around 11 we approached a small pond and there was a doe and a buck getting a drink. My turn to shoot but before I could, he started running. I let of a shot and down he went. Upon closer inspection, I had hit him in the guts and was in for a stinky job.

We drove into Loa to buy some game bags and some food we left at home. Back at camp we started skinning the two. There were a lot of bees checking out the raw meat and making it tougher to skin both animals. After that was done, we went out for an evening hunt. Just as we were getting back to camp, there was a large herd across the road. My dad took a long shot and was just behind the buck. When they heard that gunshot they were gone almost as fast. Saturday night wasn’t as cold and I was able to get a good night sleep.

Up again at 6:30, just me and dad went out. Kirt stayed to tear down camp and prepare to go home. We rode around looking for some pronghorn. As we neared the spot where I shot mine, we saw a herd run over the hill. We hiked up top only to see a large group of other hunters. The herd had ran west to another hill. We got back into the truck and took an even rougher road towards the antelope. We topped  the hill and there was the herd we a big buck wearing a blue collar. The antelope must have seen us stop because they were gone before we could get a gun out. After driving along another rough road, we approached the main dirt road and there stood a good sized buck. We started to sneak towards him but was spotted and off he ran towards the road. We ran back to the truck and drove as close as we dared. My dad shot and hit him in the front shoulder. He ran up a small hill and fell. When we got closer he took off into the trees and fell again. This time he didn’t get back up and our hunt was finished.

I have been elbow deep in cutting up the meat and have finally with it all today. To celebrate, we barbecued up some steaks and some corn on the cob. I have heard people on both sides about how antelope doesn’t taste well and others really like it. After taking my first bite into the steak, I have decided that antelope make for a good steak. Next I will be making some into jerky.

A shot of us posing together.

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Reeder Canyon Loop

On Sunday my dad, brother and I drove this trail while bow hunting. The trail starts in the sage brush but soon turns to pines and aspens. We were the only ones parked at the trailhead near Joe’s Valley Reservoir.

There were a couple of stream crossing along the loop.

Playing in the Water

We found 2 geocaches on the way up to Skyline Drive, one near a neat pinnacle and other near a bridge.

Dirt Spire


When we arrived at Skyline Drive, we passed our first person going the way we came. We continued along the loop and started heading down. We stopped at the 3rd geocache and spotted a marmot nearby.


On our way to the 4th geocache we spotted a couple of does and a fawn. Then at our 4th geocache it started to rain and we still had 2 miles of trail left. While looking for the cache, we were passed by another hunter. It rained enough to make the trail slick but not soupy. By the time we reached the main road it cleared up. We drove to Blue Lake since I had never been there.

Blue Lake

After that it was an uneventful ride back to the truck. This was a fun trail, some steep hills but easy enough to enjoy it. Here is a kmz file of the trip.

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Deer Hunt 2008

Well the deer hunt is over and I shot nothing. I saw two bucks, a spike and two point. They wouldn’t stand still long enough for me to take a shot. It wasn’t all bad, I was able to see a moose one day.

From Deer Hunt 2008

Day 1

On the first day, we drove on top of Skyline toward Tucker and that is when I spotted the spike. After that we drove to Lower Gooseberry and hiked a little while only seeing does.

Day 2

We went in a canyon behind camp and only saw some does. Afterwards I went home and purchased two new atv tires. That evening we rode Skyline all the way to Bacon Rind and then turned around.

Day 3

My brother and I hiked back into the canyon behind camp and could hear elk buggling. Soon we ran into a herd of cow elk. They seen us and were off on a dead run. Just a couple feet farther along, we saw a nice big bull. He was just walking through the trees. No deer that evening. That night I made some dutch oven peach cobbler. It turned out fine and was real easy to make.

Day ?

The rest of the hunt was all but the same. Does, does and more does. We did see a two point but he was gone before I could get my gun ready. A moose came out for a look and that was about it.

It was nice to take some time off work and be in the mountains. Some good atv riding was had.

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