Fremont Indian State Park

28 Jul

Again back on May 25, I was out and about, so I decided to stop at the Fremont Indian State Park. I first went inside and checked out the little museum and watched the short video describing the history here. It was sad to hear how I-70 cut through the center of the village.

After the museum, I hiked the trails looking at all the writtings around the visitor center. The weather was perfect, slight overcast that kept the temps down.

After leaving the state park, I didn’t want to take I-70 all the way home. So I turned off onto Hwy 89 heading South. I stopped to get a picture of Big Rock Candy Mountain. I then stopped in Marysvale for lunch.

I continued South and turned onto State road 62 heading towards Otter Creek Reservoir. I then headed back up into Salina and then up into Fairview and over into Huntington. It was a great deviation from I-70, it was cool exploring some area I had never been before. Next time in this area I want to bring my fishing pole and see if there any fish in the creeks.

Photo Gallery: Fremont Indian State Park

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