Thousand Lake Mountain (Solomon Basin)

30 Jul

This year I drew a deer tag for the Thousand Lake Mountain unit. So I went out over the weekend to some fishing and scout out some of the trails. I had planned on camping on the North side and then ride around and make my way South. The weather didn’t cooperate like it should have. So I just spent all my time on the North side of the Mountain.

After setting up camp next to Morrell Pond, I headed to some lakes I hadn’t been to. First was Farrell Pond. I fished for a little while but I couldn’t see any fish swimming or jumping so it was on to the next lake.

It was a short hike into Floating Island Lake. The fish were jumping like crazy here. All that was biting were small Cutthroat trout. I did manage to catch one Tiger trout. I stayed here until the rain ran me off.

After it stopped raining, I fished Morrell Pond and caught a few decent Rainbow trout. It was fun catching these fish, they would fight hard. But soon it started raining again and didn’t let up until dark.

Well morning came and I was ready to do some riding but after a little fishing. I managed to pull in one Splake before heading off. I rode down to Baker Ranch but on the gate it said Johnson Ranch. Either way it was a neat spot for a ranch. There was even an old cemetery on the property. There were no names or dates on the headstones.

I headed back up the mountain exploring a lot of the side trails. My favorite trail was up on Windy Ridge. It followed the ridge giving great views into Cathedral Valley and out on the Swell. This trail lead to Round Lake which I tried fishing but didn’t catch anything.

After leaving Round Lake, I drove the rode down to Cathedral Valley. After reaching the entrance I turned around and headed back. I drove back to camp had some lunch and then went over and fished Meeks Lake. I was able to catch two Rainbows before it started to rain hard.

Back at camp, I decided to cut my trip short and head home. I am looking forward to my deer hunt coming up at the end August. I didn’t see a lot of deer this trip but it will be fun to explore the rest of the trails and fish some of the other lakes on the South side.

GPS Tracklog for Google Earth

GPS Tracklog for Google Maps


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2 responses to “Thousand Lake Mountain (Solomon Basin)

  1. RM

    July 30, 2013 at 6:03 pm

    Been a while since you posted. I enjoy and benefit from your blog, you have given us so many ideas of places to play. Too bad you got rained out, but I’m sure you’ll be out again soon! Keep posting! Thanks!

  2. Geocaching with Tru2Cntry

    September 10, 2013 at 12:29 pm

    Beautiful pictures!!!


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