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17 Sep

This year the Fish and Game decided to change the deer hunting units. Before there were 5 large units and now there are 28 smaller units, which I think is a good idea. Anyway I applied my home unit as my first choice and 4 others. I didn’t draw my first choice but I did draw my fourth choise, which was the Nebo unit. After my first scouting trip, I knew it was going to be tough hunting. The first week, I saw several does and one spike buck. I let him walk figuring I wanted to shot a fork horn or better. After checking out Mt. Nebo, I decided to head South to the San Pitch Mountains. Awesome country, looked great for deer. Spotted 1 two point but he bolted into the thick brush and I couldn’t get anywhere close to him. Saw very few deer over here and talked with some locals that said the same. It was cool exploring the new area, had lots of fun. Camped 11 nights and while on the San Pitch Mountains there were coyotes howling all around camp every night. Drove the four wheeler on a lot of the roads, hiked several canyons but no luck shooting a deer. There is still a chance for me to take a deer on the extended units in December. Check out my photos on Picasa.


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Posted by on September 17, 2012 in Archery, ATV, Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Mountains, Outdoors


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