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12 Sep

I have been practicing a lot this year for the deer hunt. I have a small range in my backyard and I have been out to the shooting range.

The archery deer hunt started on August 21. On opening morning I had a nice 3 point in view. I was up in some timbers and here he came walking by. I hid behind a tree and when he came by, I had a 35 yd shot. I let my arrow fly and I missed. The arrow went under him. I was shaking pretty good so I will chalk that up to buck fever. The buck bolted and was gone, so I drove along Miller’s Flat Rd.

After turning around and headed back home a noticed a couple of large birds. I stopped and they look like Sandhill Cranes.

That evening I spotted a small spike off the road a ways. I stopped got out but he busted me and took off. This happened to me several times during the hunt. One morning I spotted a moose along side the road.

While out I spotted just one herd of elk and a couple of fox sightings.

One morning while following a buck, I came across a large pond. I didn’t even known it was there. I checked out this area, looks like a good place for elk.

Finally on Saturday, the last weekend of the hunt, we headed up Gentry Mountain. We drove over to an old shed. We spotted some deer on the hillside behind it but no bucks.

I turned around to head to another area when I spotted two does and a buck behind them in some trees. I got out and waited while the buck came closer. He got within 65 yards and I knew if I didn’t shoot now he would bolt. I raised up trying to take my time and stay calm. I released the arrow, heard it hit and watched as he ran about 50 yards and fall down. I walked over and found my arrow in the dirt while giving the deer time to die. I walked over got a few pictures.

It was a long hunt but I enjoyed my time in the mountains. I hope to do it again next year, maybe get a bigger buck.

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