Capitol Reef

05 Jun

On Monday, the whole family wanted to do something. So we all decided to take a long ride to Capitol Reef. We stopped in at Torrey and had a bite to eat first and then on into Capitol Reef. Our first stop was Sulphur Creek Goosenecks Overloook.

Sulphur CreekGoosenecks

We then got back on the main road and next stop was The Castle.

The Castle

We stopped in at the visitor center, man was it packed. I had a look around and talked with some ranger.

Capitol Reef Visitor Center

We continued along Highway 24 and stopped at the petroglyphs before heading to Hickman’s Bridge.


Capitol Reef Petroglyphs

This is my second time hiking to Hickman’s Bridge and I don’t remember it being as long. There were quite a few people hiking the trail as well. I want to hike the Navajo Knob Trail but it will have to wait for cooler temps. The hike in was a little rough because I was sore from the backpacking trip.

Trail to Hickman's Bridge

Smaller Arch

Hickman's Bridge

Hickman's Bridge


Pectol's Pyramid

We then drove into Hanksville and up I-70 back home. It was a nice trip with great scenery. I want to check more of Capitol Reef out and do some hiking.

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