Deer Hunt 2008

03 Oct

Well the deer hunt is over and I shot nothing. I saw two bucks, a spike and two point. They wouldn’t stand still long enough for me to take a shot. It wasn’t all bad, I was able to see a moose one day.

From Deer Hunt 2008

Day 1

On the first day, we drove on top of Skyline toward Tucker and that is when I spotted the spike. After that we drove to Lower Gooseberry and hiked a little while only seeing does.

Day 2

We went in a canyon behind camp and only saw some does. Afterwards I went home and purchased two new atv tires. That evening we rode Skyline all the way to Bacon Rind and then turned around.

Day 3

My brother and I hiked back into the canyon behind camp and could hear elk buggling. Soon we ran into a herd of cow elk. They seen us and were off on a dead run. Just a couple feet farther along, we saw a nice big bull. He was just walking through the trees. No deer that evening. That night I made some dutch oven peach cobbler. It turned out fine and was real easy to make.

Day ?

The rest of the hunt was all but the same. Does, does and more does. We did see a two point but he was gone before I could get my gun ready. A moose came out for a look and that was about it.

It was nice to take some time off work and be in the mountains. Some good atv riding was had.

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