Black Dragon Canyon Rim

On Sunday, we went for a hike on the San Rafael Reef to find a geocache that hadn’t been found since 08. The hike starts at the mouth of Black Dragon Canyon. The hike starts out immediately climbing up the reef. There isn’t a specific trail just pick your own path.

Our first stop was right above the indian writtings. This was a nice view from on top.

Afterwards we dropped into a small canyon that had a nice alcove with a small pool of water. Rocky isn’t a big fan of water but I made him cool down in the water for a second.

Then it was on to the top, where we found the geocache and took in the great view. We could see Mexican Mountain, Lower Black Box, and Window Blind Peak. It could have been better if it hadn’t been hazy.

Throughout the hike Rocky had been chasing lizards and near the end of our hike Rocky passed by a rock and a rattlesnake started rattling. I immediately yelled at him and grabbed him checking for a bite. Luckily he wasn’t bit. It sure did make me nervous afterwards and I kept a close eye on him for the rest of the hike. That has been only my second rattlesnake encounter.

This is definitely a cool weather hike. It was a little hot Sunday. It was in the lower 90’s but it was worth it.

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Crack Canyon

Sunday was planned to hike Crack Canyon. We left a little after 8 and headed for Temple Mountain. We passed many camps on our way down. Last time I hiked Crack Canyon, we parked near the main road and road walked in but today I drove the Taco all the way in. There was a small camp and another car at the trailhead. We only ran into 4 other people in the canyon.

Starting in

Cool Subway Section

The next section of narrows had a few obstacles to downclimb. They seemed a whole lot easier this go around.

Obstacle that stopped me last time

The next section of narrows was my favorite. They were deep and narrow but too short.

After the third section of narrows we should have turned around but we kept on going. The canyon widened and had a few sections of mini narrows. After getting to a junction we turned around and headed back.

The hike out seemed to get hotter and longer until we reached the narrows again.

Back at the truck there was a cooler with some ice cold Mountain Dew waiting for me. It was nice.

What a great hike. Enough challenge to keep the crowds at bay but not too hard to require ropes.

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GPS Tracklog (Google Earth .KMZ Format)


Wild Horse Mesa

Took the truck out for a drive Saturday down to Wild Horse Mesa. The drive down was nice, I passed by a lot of campers getting ready for Easter and others just enjoying the weekend. I couldn’t believe all the people parked at Little Wild Horse trailhead. It surprised me even more to see a lot of cars parked at Ding and Dang. I stopped just after Ding and Dang trailhead to have lunch and get some photos.

After Ding and Dang, that would be the last time I saw anyone else until reaching Highway 24. The road through the wash was great but soon it climbed out and up top. It got a lot rockier and definitely required a high clearance. It looked to be storming all around me but I never did see a drop of rain. Which was good because the road heading towards Factory Butte would have been a nasty mess when wet.

The road drops down into the Muddy River valley near a neat old cabin. It has a great chimney and a second story. I stopped and explored here for a while and checked out the nearby corral.

The Muddy River crossing was next and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The road leading up to it was deep sand and required 4 wheel drive. There was a blm sign almost completely buried in the stuff. The crossing though was a piece of cake. The water wasn’t very deep but I left my truck in 4 wheel drive to make it up the small sandy bank on the other side. I even engaged the rear locker just to try it out. While engaging the locker I might have been quoting this line from Dodge Ball:

I started to hurry after the crossing because the road was the dirt that would become a slick snotty mess when muddy and the clouds were moving in closer. i stopped twice to find a couple geocaches and then I was out on US 24.

After getting to Hanskville, I had to stop at Hollow Mountain and buy a Mountain Dew just because it is such a cool place.

The ride out was uneventful and my new truck did awesome climbing up Spotted Wolf Canyon on I-70. I was glad I didn’t let the weather scare me away even though I did think about turning around once or twice.

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Saddle Horse Canyon

We went for hike in Saddle Horse Canyon on Saturday, to find a geocache that was beside a huge pinnacle. We first had to hike down into Salt Wash and cross a small stream into Saddle Horse. The hike down was tough, it was steep in places and trying to find the trail was hard. But you could tell there had been horses down this trail, I can’t imagine taking a horse down it though.

After getting into Saddle Horse the canyon narrows up and there is a small stream flowing. We even ran into a frozen section of the stream.

The canyon then widens up and you are presented with an awesome view of the pinnacle. We hiked through the sand and found the small geocache. We stayed for a while having a snack and just listening to the silence. Then the sky became overcast and the wind picked up.

If you enlarge, you can see a person standing next to it.

We then marched on out. Plan was to find another geocache. But with the wind and clouds, we decided to pass. The climb up was a pain but nice once we reached the top. While walking back, I came across a small plant growing in the trail. I reached down and broke off a sprout and sure enough it was an onion.

It was great to get out. It has been quite a while and it was definitely needed.


New Truck

Back in the first of February, I young teenage girl pulled out in front of me going down the highway. I smashed into the side of her truck she was driving which messed up my front end. My truck was totaled all I could save off of it was the camper shell and the nerf bars. I didn’t have a camera with me when this happened so no pictures. :-(

I was able to sell my shell and nerf bars to another black Dakota. As well as get some insurance money for my wrecked truck. So I had money to buy another truck. I knew what I wanted so I waited for a good deal to come up. It was mid March before I was able to get what I wanted. A 2005 Toyota Tacoma V6 with the off road package. The guy I bought it from had put new tires on it at the first of the year but needed a more family sized vehicle since he was going to have twins.



I noticed the front skid plate was missing and the temp pod didn’t work. Other than that everything seemed to work great.



I was going to change all the fluids Saturday but the weather didn’t cooperate so instead I fixed the temp pod. The solder had broken on one of the capacitors and just needed to be re-soldered.


On Sunday I changed the engine oil, the diffs oil, the transfer oil, and the ATF. Afterwards I started building a skid plate. I was able to mock up one out of cardboard and copy it over onto an old aluminium road sign.



I have many places i want to go in this truck and I can’t wait to get out and start wheeling.


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Farnsworth Canyon

The weather was perfect Saturday for a hike. I decided to hike Farnsworth Canyon and then find a bunch of geocaches that was put out recently. The drive out was nice and I was hiking by Noon.

It doesn’t take long before this canyon narrows up for a while.

It doesn’t stay narrow for long and widens up for the rest of the way.

It was nice hiking through this part. There were lot of rocks with holes and weathered rocks. I knew there were Indian writtings in here but I didn’t know where, so I just kept my eyes open and eventually spotted them.

I walked further up canyon and came to the first drill hole and then a fallen down miner’s shack.

At the end of the canyon was another drill hole. There was some core samples nearby and an old Pepsi can. This is where I turned around and headed back.

The hike out was nice because the sun was getting low and the canyon wasn’t in direct sunlight. I spent a lot of time taking pictures and just enjoying the solitude. I even found a rock with what I think could be a dinosaur fossil but I am not sure.


Getting back to the truck there was a cold Mountain Dew waiting for me and then it was on to find 30 geocaches. I was able to find 27 on the way back home. The geocaches were all near Old Dead Junipers and place about every quarter mile. It was getting old and was happy when I finally found the last one. It was a good day and it was nice to get out.

Link to more photos- Picasa Web Albums

Link to KML file- Fanrswoth Canyon


Thousand Lake Mountain (Solomon Basin)

This year I drew a deer tag for the Thousand Lake Mountain unit. So I went out over the weekend to some fishing and scout out some of the trails. I had planned on camping on the North side and then ride around and make my way South. The weather didn’t cooperate like it should have. So I just spent all my time on the North side of the Mountain.

After setting up camp next to Morrell Pond, I headed to some lakes I hadn’t been to. First was Farrell Pond. I fished for a little while but I couldn’t see any fish swimming or jumping so it was on to the next lake.

It was a short hike into Floating Island Lake. The fish were jumping like crazy here. All that was biting were small Cutthroat trout. I did manage to catch one Tiger trout. I stayed here until the rain ran me off.

After it stopped raining, I fished Morrell Pond and caught a few decent Rainbow trout. It was fun catching these fish, they would fight hard. But soon it started raining again and didn’t let up until dark.

Well morning came and I was ready to do some riding but after a little fishing. I managed to pull in one Splake before heading off. I rode down to Baker Ranch but on the gate it said Johnson Ranch. Either way it was a neat spot for a ranch. There was even an old cemetery on the property. There were no names or dates on the headstones.

I headed back up the mountain exploring a lot of the side trails. My favorite trail was up on Windy Ridge. It followed the ridge giving great views into Cathedral Valley and out on the Swell. This trail lead to Round Lake which I tried fishing but didn’t catch anything.

After leaving Round Lake, I drove the rode down to Cathedral Valley. After reaching the entrance I turned around and headed back. I drove back to camp had some lunch and then went over and fished Meeks Lake. I was able to catch two Rainbows before it started to rain hard.

Back at camp, I decided to cut my trip short and head home. I am looking forward to my deer hunt coming up at the end August. I didn’t see a lot of deer this trip but it will be fun to explore the rest of the trails and fish some of the other lakes on the South side.

GPS Tracklog for Google Earth

GPS Tracklog for Google Maps


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